25 Excellent Project Management iPad Apps

Project managers have to be able to juggle a number of tasks and be very organized. It can be challenging to keep everything straight, from the timing of each item on your to-do list, to organizing necessary documents, to checking off items as they are completed. Additionally, you need to be able to prioritize tasks, since some tasks can’t be done until preliminary steps are completed.

Thanks to technology, it is possible to increase the efficiency of your project management techniques. You can make use of mobile technology to help you better manage your projects so that you are on top of everything, and have what you need to stay on track with your projects. Here are 25 excellent project management apps for the iPad:

Project iPad Applications

You can use different iPad applications to manage and run projects. These apps are used as complete project management applications that can help you manage every aspect of a project successfully.

  1. Project Planner HD: Making use of the Gantt chart method is simple on your iPad with the help of this application. Project Planner HD helps you organize your projects, including multiple projects. Keep it all organized, and easy to see. Cost: $5.99
  2. TrackerBot: This is an agile project management client for Pivotal Tracker, although it’s not made by the same company that created Pivotal Tracker. You can keep up with what you have included in the project management software, allowing you access to what you need most. Cost: $4.99
  3. e-Task Project for iPad: If you are looking for a basic app that can improve your productivity, and help with improved project management, this might be the one. You can coordinate with team members, and track other aspects of your project. Cost: Free
  4. Projector: This project management app is popular and easy to use. It looks slick, and it provides you with an easy interface for keeping track of your essential tasks and schedule. Cost: $9.99
  5. Bento: You can use this iPad app for a number of purposes, including project management. You can organize any number of items, as well as use the database templates to better prepare your project. You can use it with iCal. Cost: $4.99
  6. SG Project 2: You can track different projects, keeping up with multiple projects — in different stages of development — easily. You can use Gantt views to enhance your organization. Cost: $9.99, you can get the Pro version for $39.99.
  7. Project Manager: An intuitive project management app that can help you keep everything straight. Cost: Free
  8. Time Scale – Project Management: Keep on time with this project management app. You can prioritize and manage tasks, keeping everything on track. Cost: $1.99

Task Management and Scheduling iPad Applications

If you want to manage tasks and schedule meetings, these apps can help. Great applications that include calendars, schedulers and even task managers to help you prioritize.

  1. Things for iPad: A great task manager that can help you by providing you with a quick list of tasks. Stay on track, and prioritize. Cost: $19.99
  2. WebEx for iPad: If you want to hold meetings from anywhere, you can with the help of this iPad app. Two-way video is included. Perfect for long-distance project meetings. Cost: Free
  3. OmniFocus: Use this task manager to arrange your tasks. An in-depth look at your own project tasks. Includes a location based list that alerts when you are in the vicinity of one of your tasks. Cost: $39.99
  4. Task Cards: A cool way to organize task management, using task cards. You can use this visual way to keep track of your taks, and organize and prioritize your to-do list. Cost: $2.99
  5. Toodledo: Creative task manager meant to help you improve your productivity, and keep your tasks organized. Includes collaboration features to improve your project management abilities. Cost: $1.99
  6. My Schedule: A simple iPad app that helps you keep track of your schedule. Can be used for meeting planning and other purposes that can be helpful in your project. Cost: $0.99
  7. CalenGoo: Sync up with your Google Calendar to keep everything straight. You can also program in reminders, and coordinate tasks with your schedule. Also includes features that allow you to schedule with others, sending and receiving event invitations. Cost: $6.99
  8. SaiSuke: This powerful calendar app is compatible with Google Calendar, while having its own features. Offers different views that can help you keep short-term and long-term tasks in view. Cost: $9.99
  9. Organizer: Providers planner capability that can help you with your project management. Compatible with Google Calendar, and allows you to attach images and maps to improve your ability to manage. Cost: $7.99

Documents and Note Taking iPad Applications

Use this iPad apps to note your thoughts, as well as create, send and organize documents. These applications can help you better organize important documents, and integrate them with your ideas.

  1. Dropbox: Share documents, keep track of where you are at, and organize your important documents. Then, access them from whenever you are. Cost: Free
  2. Expense Tablet for iPad: Keep on track with cost, with help from this organizational iPad app. A great way to stay on track with the money objectives of your project. Cost: $0.99
  3. Keynote: Use this app to create a presentation. You can use it as part of your project to share information and more. Cost: $9.99
  4. Omni Invoice: If you need to invoice vendors or others as part of your project, this can be a great tool. Create professional invoices from anywhere. Cost: $4.99
  5. Evernote: Keep track of your thoughts, and organize your ideas related to the project. One of the best note taking apps out there.
  6. Numbers: If you like spreadsheets this is a great app to help you. It’s an organizational tool that you can use for your project management. Cost: $9.99
  7. DocScanner: Use this iPad app to scan documents using your mobile device. Perfect for documentation, no matter where you are. A great tool for getting copies of whatever you need to help you complete your project successfully. Cost: $3.99
  8. Pages: This is the iPad app for document creation. You can create any document you need as part of your project. A great project management tool. Cost: $9.99