25 Q & A Sites About Project Management

Project managers, or PM’s, are charged with the planning, execution, and completion of many projects from information technology to construction. Every industry needs project managers, and becoming one often involves a college education and one or more certifications. Because future and current project managers can have loads of questions, little time, and few experienced others to turn to discretely, the internet often becomes a resource for PM’s.

To help you in your quest for faster, better answers, we have gathered 25 Q & A sites about project management. They can help everyone from first year students with basic questions to experienced project managers under the gun to complete projects and find answers.

General Q & A Sites About Project Management

Get the basics, as well as a few advanced subjects, of project management with a look at the below.

  1. Knowledge Center
    Every project manager will cross paths with the Project Management Institute at some point in their careers. They are one of the largest providers of certification and training just for PM’s. Here at their knowledge center, you can get all sorts of resources on the career from trusted experts. They also have podcasts for project managers.

  3. Project Management.com
    This site has all things project management from application development to workforce management. Experts stop by regularly to write about topics such as “Healthy Workforce, Healthy Projects” and “How to Get Hired.” You can also check out more on their Performance Management Toolkit.”

  5. PM Magazine
    This is a publication that has many in print and online questions and answers for the project manager. A few of the current samples are on requirements, software, and best practices. There are also specialty subjects including risk management, integration management, and others. There is even a special section for PM communications.

  7. All About Project Management
    The Free Management Library offers this guide for project management. Alicia Trelles-Duckett is your guide to all things PM. This includes the foundation, doing project management, resources and topics, as well as many other entries in the library on related issues.

  9. All PM
    As the title suggests, get all project management all the time on this site. They have a forum, white papers, articles, and announcements. You can even learn more about PM jobs and get resources in Spanish and French.

  11. What is Project Management?
    This site takes a few pages to answer this question. You can also get the answer to other PM related topics such as “The Whole Entire History of Project Management in 20 Minutes.” The experts at MPUG also have an active forum, chapters across the nation, and even a Microsoft Project Tip of the Day.

  13. International Project Management Association
    The IPMA is a project management credentialing organization and advocate of effect project management practice. Their Media and Magazine Center offers news, articles, and blogs on PM information for development. In addition to learning more about their standards and education, you can check out the webcasts and podcasts.

  15. Project Management Training and Certification
    If you are just starting out or pursuing an education as a project manager, click here for many questions and answers. 4PM has training tips for every step in a career. Have a look to see how they can help you get trained or certified. They also offer free project how to’s.

Q & A Blogs About Project Management

Get more on project management from these individuals who blog all about it.

  1. Projects at Work
    This group of bloggers have loads of answers for practicing PMs. Subjects include everything from budgets to virtual teams. In addition to regular entries by various contributors, you can check out their community, tools and training, along with other resources. Visitors can also view entries by their top contributors.

  3. About Project Management
    John Reh is a senior business executive whose broad management experience encompasses managing projects up to $125 million and business units including up to 200-plus people. In this sub-blog for About.com, he discusses all things project management. They include a 101 entry, getting done on time, and much more. The main blog has loads more on management in general.

  5. Fear no Project
    Bruce McGraw is from Cognitive Technologies and shares thoughts and experiences on issues that affect project managers and the world of project management. You can use the blog to select from entries on categories from best practices to tools. Top posts are on the importance of social networking and the PMBOK.

  7. Eric D. Brown
    He is a technology consultant with an interest in marketing technology, information technology, and the merger of IT / Marketing. He shares everything from book reviews to stuff just for CIO’s on the blog. Featured articles are on technology selection projects and owning technology vs. content.

  9. Voices on Project Management
    Get the official blog of the PMI by visiting here. It offers insights, tips, advice, and personal stories from project managers in different regions and industries. Current highlights include “Fining a Project’s Intangible ROI” and “Do you Schedule Time to Stay on Top of Project Plans.” Of course, you can also find many other resources on the main page.

  11. Guerrilla Project Management
    Samad Aidane is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with over 15 years of IT experience. His industry experience spans telecom, finance, health care, and government on projects in U.S, Germany, Austria, and Belgium. Simply sign up for email to get a free eBook entitled “Seven Steps to Writing Effective Statements of Work.” He recently interviewed another project manager on how to handle resistance to change.

  13. Leading Answers
    Mike Griffiths is an independent project manager, trainer, and consultant based Calgary, Alberta Canada. In addition to agile methods, he is interested and active in traditional project management with PRINCE2 and PMP certifications. His blog contains everything from patterns in project management to budgeting and more.

  15. Project Times
    Still need more project management blogs? Then visit the Project Times which has nine to choose from. View by the latest or most popular, which currently are on building consensus and “Ten Lessons for Leading During a Crisis.”

Q & A Sites About Specialty Project Management

These sites have more on a specialty topic of project management.

  1. Project Manager Today
    Learn all about project management in the UK with the help of this site. They have the latest news, which includes case studies and other tools for PM’s. You can also use the site to find a job in the area.

  3. Government Executive
    If you are a project manager who works at the federal, state, or local level in a public arena, you will appreciate this site. Key topics include news by government agency, case studies, contractors, discounts, and much more. They have loads of news and even a magazine with more. You can also check out columns by various experts such as politics, federal management, and compensation.

  5. CIO
    Are you a project manager who is also a chief information officer or looking to become one? Then check out this site with everything you need for the journey. There are solution centers for loads of complex topics for project managers. You can also check out videos, slideshows, and much more with the latest IT experts weighing in.

  7. Baseline
    Project managers in information technology will appreciate this site. It has loads of sections including compliance, management, projects, and more. There are loads of videos on the topic and even a specialized webcast. There are also many blogs to choose from.

  9. Prince 2
    This is a leading tool utilized by many project managers. Visit here to get the forum on it, which includes its uses and how to utilize it. There are also basic and advanced questions on the topic, as well as support for various languages.

  11. Project Management Community
    Stop here for a social network for project managers. IT is often the subject of choice, as well as others. You can visit to read the contributions of others or to start your own blog or download other resources. There is even a special section marked Q & A.

  13. Practical Project Magazine
    Get simple answers to topics such as initiating, planning, and executing a project here. There are also sections for administration and self-improvement. You can also check out their news feed on the homepage.

  15. PMP Question World
    If interested in getting a project management certification, this site literally has all the questions and answers you need. Simply register to begin getting sample questions, study materials, and more. There are also discussion forums where you can ask real questions.

  17. Project Management Knowledge Base
    Finally, if you have a project management question that isn’t answered in the above, click here. It is one of the most active message boards for PM’s. Questions and answers are featured by the most recent. You can also use their search or use one of their bookmarks.

      And the above 25 Q & A sites about project management have more than just online reading and forums. Many of the columnists and bloggers share contact information, such as email, where you can directly send in your project management questions.