25 Excellent Project Management iPad Apps

Project managers have to be able to juggle a number of tasks and be very organized. It can be challenging to keep everything straight, from the timing of each item on your to-do list, to organizing necessary documents, to checking off items as they are completed. Additionally, you need to be able to prioritize tasks, since some tasks can’t be done until preliminary steps are completed.

Thanks to technology, it is possible to increase the efficiency of your project management techniques. You can make use of mobile technology to help you better manage your projects so that you are on top of everything, and have what you need to stay on track with your projects. Here are 25 excellent project management apps for the iPad:

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25 Q & A Sites About Project Management

Project managers, or PM’s, are charged with the planning, execution, and completion of many projects from information technology to construction. Every industry needs project managers, and becoming one often involves a college education and one or more certifications. Because future and current project managers can have loads of questions, little time, and few experienced others to turn to discretely, the internet often becomes a resource for PM’s.

To help you in your quest for faster, better answers, we have gathered 25 Q & A sites about project management. They can help everyone from first year students with basic questions to experienced project managers under the gun to complete projects and find answers.

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Are You Trying to Be Pushy With Your Web Designs?

Perhaps the biggest problem in dealing with clients is that you’re always trying to satisfy them, or to put it more accurately, you MUST try to satisfy them or you could end up losing them. As a web designer, you know that it’s always a struggle to find the perfect balance between giving vent to your creative best and satisfying your client – there are times when you end up having to exercise immense self control because your target and your client’s seem to be on opposite ends of the world and you have to almost always give in to what they want. This does not make for a very satisfactory design experience, and you feel like you’re compromising on your creative principles in order to make money. This is the bane of every creative artist’s professional life – you have to concede much more than you would like to in the course of your job, and this tends to hamper your artistry and inspiration.

This is certainly not a satisfactory state of affairs, but that’s no reason to become pushy with your designs. Some web designers are guilty of this mistake – they go from one extreme to the other, and become pushy instead of having to accept compromises and cater to their clients’ whims and fancies all the time. While this is all well and good for your creative muse and your ego, it does not bode well for you as a professional. When you try to push your designs on your client, irrespective of their feelings on the subject:

  • You risk losing the job to another professional.
  • You may not get repeat business from the same client.
  • If your client is really disgruntled with the way you handled yourself, they may spread the word about your pushiness and this leads to fewer clients and less business.
  • Others in the business, like writers and developers, are reluctant to work with you because your pushiness overrides their feelings and ideas.

The key to being a successful web designer is to find middle ground – you need to ensure that your clients are satisfied and that you have the personal satisfaction of having done a good job. This can be achieved by:

  • Coaxing the client to accept your way of doing things by showing them similar designs that other companies in the same business have used successfully.
  • Trying to see the client’s point of view and understanding why they want the design they insist on.
  • Using some of your ideas and some of theirs so that both of you are satisfied and the client goes home happy.

The bottom line is that you cannot afford to be a temperamental artist when you’re a web designer simply because the competition is fierce, and it’s not just talent and creativity that count – customer satisfaction is what generates repeat business and spells success in the world of web design.

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Is Silicon Valley Real Estate Looking Up?

It’s no secret that the real estate industry took a real beating when the economy floundered and went under a year or so ago. But are there signs of change starting to show? Can we assume that this industry is now starting to look up and that prosperity is not too far away? When we take a look at the situation in Silicon Valley, we see that the closure of hundreds of organizations and the laying off of their workforce have led to a disaster in terms of commercial real estate. The information technology sector has lost the third most number of jobs in California in 2009, and unemployment is high in the Silicon Valley area what with Applied Materials, Sun Microsystems, HP, Cisco and Adobe Systems announcing more than 5000 layoffs since October last year.

This is not a situation that was expected or even planned for by the real estate industry. In fact, things were so hunky dory and info tech companies were making money like there was no tomorrow that developers felt confident enough to add more than 4 million sq. ft. of speculative office space in Silicon Valley since 2007 in the hope that start-ups would move to swankier surroundings once they had established themselves and made their money. But with the pendulum swinging the other way, it seems to be a time for foreclosures rather than new beginnings.

The rates of commercial foreclosure are already high, and the figures are expected to double in 2010. Research firm Real Capital Analytics estimates that this will amount to $1.5 billion in foreclosed properties, not a trifling sum by any means. And what’s worse, most of these properties have lost more than half their value. There doesn’t seem to be even a sliver of a silver lining on this cloud.

But the housing sector does seem to be looking up if reports from MDA DataQuick are to be believed, the median resale house price in Silicon Valley is up by 15 percent from December 2008. The market too is doing well with sales climbing by 69 percent. So while 2009 may not have been the best for the real estate industry, it does seem like the housing sector at least is looking up with people being able to afford mortgages once again.

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Where Has Language as we Knew it Gone?

I’m as open to change as the next person; in fact, I know that life is transient and the only thing that is permanent is change itself. But if there’s one thing I can never get used to or bring myself to use is what we now term “text lingo” – the fashionable language that allows you to delete the vowels from words to shorten them and mix them with numbers that sound that parts of words to form totally unrecognizable words, all of which are fully accepted by anyone who uses a cellphone or is familiar with instant messaging. Apparently, if you frown at this usage, if you’re so focused on grammar and spellings, you’re not current or living in the present.

But, even at the risk of sounding like an old fuddy-duddy, I beg to differ from this point of view. While I think it’s each to their own when sending personal messages on your cellphone or when chatting online, when it comes to email and writing for websites, there are certain rules that need to be followed, even if you think they’re not “hip” and “relevant” to the times. No one likes to read emails that are grammatically incorrect and riddled with spelling mistakes. And believe me, if you’re getting away with the same kind of usage on your blog, it’s only because you haven’t noticed the drop in your readership.

You may think that language is a form of communication and that as long as you’ve included all the relevant information and facts in your missive (be it a letter, a blog post or a website page), it doesn’t matter that it’s peppered with grammatical and spelling errors. But what you don’t realize is that even a simple mistake like the misplacement of a comma or the transposition of words can change the meaning of whatever you’re trying to say. So because your knowledge of the language is poor, you may end up misleading your readers.

Some mistakes are just plain annoying – like the wrong placement of an apostrophe (saying you’re when you actually mean your) and the usage of I instead of me and vice versa. But there are others that could end up confusing your audience – like the placement of the world “only” in a sentence. For example, the sentences “John was only trying to help Jane” and “Only John was trying to help Jane” have totally different meanings. The first sentence is a sort of explanation for what John did because he somehow messed up while trying to help Jane, while the second praises John as the only person trying to help her. As another example, consider these two sentences – “Only children are allowed to play here” and “Children are allowed to play only here”. The first one has the word “children” as the subject and restricts the playing to children while the second has the location as the subject and restricts the location where the children are allowed to play.

So if you don’t want to end up making such mistakes when writing for your blog or website, it’s best to brush up on your language skills by including your vowels, cutting out the numerals from your words, and reading through what you’ve written to ensure that the meaning is loud and clear.

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Small Ways to Exhibit Entrepreneurship

When you think entrepreneur, you tend to think big. That’s because most of the entrepreneurs we know are larger than life personalities who have made their name in the hotshot world of business – Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet – the list can go on and on. Now if their reputation is what’s scaring you from taking the first steps towards entrepreneurship, you have nothing to worry about. Entrepreneurship does not have to be on a large scale; rather, when you have a head for business and are able to take risks successfully, you are well on the way to being one. So if you’re looking for small ways to exhibit entrepreneurship, look no further than the three Ms:

  • Moonlighting: If you have a regular job and are hesitant to give it up because you’re not sure of making it as an entrepreneur, moonlighting is the best way to go. You can start your business on a small scale and take care of it during your off days and spare time. You would need to plan your day and use every minute of your time wisely because you are now working at two jobs. Be warned however that moonlighting is not for those who cannot manage their time and their efforts. You could lose out on sleep, entertainment and other social activities. And besides this, there is always the danger of losing your regular job if you’re not up to the task of juggling the two wisely.
  • Multi-tasking: Some people are great at doing two or even more jobs together. For example, if you have a desk job where you have a few idle hours every day, you could take care of your online business in the interim. This is just one example of multi-tasking that is now possible thanks to technology and the Internet. Again, the downside here is that your regular employer may not be too thrilled if they get to know what you’re doing, even if it does not affect the way you do your job.
  • Managing: And finally and most important of all, if you’re a good manager, it’s a sure sign that you’re an entrepreneur waiting in the wings. If you can manage your time efficiently, if you can manage people without stepping on toes and rubbing them the wrong way, if you can get work done through proper and timely delegation, and if you have a head for finances, you’re well and truly on your way to becoming a full-fledged, successful entrepreneur.

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Top 25 Candle Blogs

Candles can add a luxe feel to any space, whether it’s add glamour to your office cubicle or creating a romantic vibe at home. You can make your own candles or purchase them at an array of price points. Finding the right candle can be tricky, but just follow your nose to the scent that attracts you most. Learn the difference between the types of waxes used to make candles and what makes for the best wick with these top candle blogs

DIY Candle Blogs

These fantastic blogs show you how to take candle making into your own hands. It’s a fairly easy project for a one-time craft session or you can go all out and invest in items that will help you make fabulous gifts for loved ones.

    1. Candle Tech This site shows you how to make different styles of candles, including fun shapes and holiday items that are sure to be a hit with family members. This site is definitely for the DIY candle maker who is experienced in the hobby.

    2. Candles 4 U Blog This site no longer updates, but it has a wealth of information on how to choose the best wax and packaging materials for your DIY candles.

    3. Candle Maker This is one of the best DIY candle blogs on the web. It guides you through finding the right suppliers if you decide to make your candle making a small business and also discusses the legwork of getting a candle business off the ground.

    4. The Candle Blog This blog is the go-to source for learning everything you want to know about candles. A must-read for beginner candle makers, it delves into the differences between paraffin and soy wax and how to create high quality candles.

    5. Country Candle This site no longer publishes, but you can get a good historical lesson in candles and the art of candle making by reading past blog posts .

    6. My Soy Candle This blog is a great read for those starting out with candle making or those looking to take their hobby to the next level. Learn all where to find wholesale items and how to implement essential oils for layers of fragrance.

    7. Soy Candle Blog This site is all about soy candles and teaches you how to decorate them so they fit each season or holiday. The decorating project makes for a fun task for kids.

    8. My Pillar Candles The focus of this site are pillar candles and how to find the right tools to create different heights and widths. This is a simple style for beginner DIY candle makers to try.

    9. Soy Candles Blog Why is soy wax the best wax to work with? Learn all about it here. It’s more cost effective for small business candle makers and also creates a higher quality of candle for the consumer.

    10. Soy Candle Wax Soy is the pro candle maker’s wax of choice. This site shows you how to work with the ingredient and gives you tips on what you need for a starter kit to get your candle making underway .

    11. Soy Candle Making Blog The how-to videos posted on this site make it easy to see how candle making should be done and offers a few tips to keep the project a little less messy when conducted in your kitchen.

    12. About Candles and Soap This About blog offers weekly updates on candle and soap making. There are brilliant tips about mixing and blending notes to create long lasting scents from your candles.

    13. E-Soy Candle Making Blog Using soy wax is eco-friendly and just as simple to work with as paraffin wax. Learn more about soy wax and what type of wick to use with the wax at this helpful blog on candle making.

    14. Easy Candle Making Tips There’s a mix of soap and candle talk at this blog. Candle makers will learn how to package candles so they’re appealing, if you plan on selling them on Etsy or at a local craft fair.

    15. NuScents Candle Blog This site has plenty of tips for DIY candle makers, including label ideas and a fun astrological chart for finding the right scent for gift recipients.

General Candle Blogs

If you love candles, but aren’t interested in getting messy by making them yourself, these blogs will give you a few insider tips in choosing high quality candles and caring properly for wicks so you get the longest life from you candles.

    16. Candles The National Candle Association shows you how to care for your candles like a pro with their fact list and fire safety tips.

    17. Candle HomeThis site has tips on caring for the wick, candles throughout history and how to ensure your candle performs properly.

    18. Waxy Lady This site discusses decorating with candles. How to make them pop and create a fabulous ambiance for your home.

    19. What About Candles This informative site is chock full of info on the latest and greatest happenings in the world of candles, including flameless candles and discusses the craze of gel candles.

    20. Kimberly Dawns Candles This blog has tips on the newest candle trends and how to decorate with candles so they add warmth to the room without competing with the existing decor.

    21. Candle Pixie This site shows you how to incorporate candles for any special event from weddings to baby showers. Also check out the section on deciphering what scents conjure up a certain mood in people.

    22. Passionate About Candles This site shows you the difference between styles of candles. Learn your scraped candles from your mosaic candles at this informative blog.

    23. Lead Free Candles What are the truths and myths about lead free candles? Learn about the facts at this blog before buying your next candle.

    24. Candle Comfort – Burning Tips Learn how to burn your candle properly, so it’s always a pleasure and never a hazard for your home or children. There are a few things you may not know about candles and fire safety, which makes this blog an integral read.

    25. Candles Alight From ear candling to gel candles, this site explains every type of candle under the sun in a manner that the plain candle lover can understand and learn from.

For centuries, candles have provided a sense of comfort by either being the sole source of light or simply adding a decadent aroma to a space. Learning about candles is fun because it allows you to become an educated consumer and practice safe candle techniques when bring them into your home.

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Top 50 Candle Blogs

With the holidays in full swing and winter cooling things down, the candles are sure to come out. Before spending a ton of money on the newest and latest, have a look at the below top 50 candle blogs. They are authored by candle makers, lovers, and even experts who can show you how to make your own.

There are also blogs that can show you a ton of other crafts, teach you more about the art of candle making, and even a few that can amaze. If you have a love of candles or crafts, make time for the below.

Top General Candle Blogs

These bloggers stick to everything on and related to candles.

1. Starla’s Candle Making Best Picks She gives her pick of the best places on the web to go to for candle, crafts, instructions, and some fine “mom and pop”wholesale shops. A standout feature of her candle blog is that she receives no payments for endorsements and is free to critique as she likes. Archives go back all the way to 2004, so there are loads of candle related content on this one blog.

2. David’s Candle and Soap Blog Learn what candles and soap have in common on this blog. David Fisher offers videos, easy projects, and even recipes. You can also browse by topics such as how-to, kid’s projects, and many others.

3. Kindred Scents Blog on Soy Candles They focus on all types of candles and related crafts. They also feature and sell many candles. Visit to get deals, tips, and more.

4. The Candle Blog!!! This candle blog keeps regular entries on all different sorts of candles. Recommended reads on the blog include plug display, organic soy, and many others. A recent entry was on Voluspa Spring.

5. Soy Candle Making Candle making for fun and profit are discussed on this blog. Topics include how to make candles, soy candles, and everything related. Blog entries often link to items of interest.

6. Candles of Eden This online retailer specializes in wholesale and private label soy candles. See why these candles stand out to the traditional with a visit. There are also blog entries on reviews, scents, and even marketing tips.

7. Stormy Mountain Candle Blog They make and sell premium hand poured candles. Categories include getting the most out of your candle, a history, and even safety tips. A recent entry was on soy tea candles.

8. Wax Poetic Eco-friendly green candles are made by a fragrance addict here. This is also the maker of Blue Moon Candles. Visit to see what’s new, along with specials.

9. The Candle Blog Candles, fragrance, wax, jars, and more are the focus of this blog. Informative posts include the art of making of soy candles, online buying tips, and even use of aromatherapy soy candles over traditional. A recent entry was on the labels soy candles carry.

10. Soy Candle Blog A blog all about soy candles is shared here. Featured pages include choosing a candle holder, how to make scented candles, and even why soy is good for the environment. There are also tips for other related topics.

Top Discontinued Candle Blogs

These blogs haven’t been updated in a while, but still have candle related topics.

11. J. Tyler’s Soy Candle Blog This candle provider specializes in soy candles. A short blog, the entries tell all about the benefits of soy candles, along with links to many. There is also a link to the main shop.

12. Alicia Vila’s Candle Blog Her blog is dedicated to giving tips on using candles to create ambiance. There are only a few entries, but they deal with candle uses, candles as fits, the care of candles, and decorating ideas.

13. Soy Wax Candle’s Blog Kat is from Cape Cod where she enjoys all sorts of crafts, including candles. The blog covers all aspects of soy wax candles and a host of other topics she is interested in. Random thoughts are also shared.

14. Candles 4U Blog Jennifer often shared the art of candle making on her blog. How to make them and even selling tips are featured.

15. Soy Candle Wax Blog Categories here include candle making kits, supplies, and scents. There are also tips on soy candle making and wax. The last entry was on how to make soy container candles.

Top Candle Craft Blogs

Because candles are by no means the only craft available, check out these top craft blogs for loads more ideas to compliment your candles.

16. Craftzine This blog is dedicated to transforming traditional crafts. Get a new idea with each visit, as well as a podcast with loads of crafting ideas. They also have a team of bloggers that can be followed individually.

17. Not Martha Megan takes pride in not being that other famous steward of crafts. Selections on her blog include tutorials, projects, and links to many of her recommended sites. Favorite links are often shared.

18. Tim Holtz His motto is “live the life you’ve imagined” and uses crafting to do just that. Useful blog entries often include step by step instructions for crafts, along with videos. You can also check out his main site with loads of crafts.

19. Claudine Hellmuth “Hip art for playful hearts” is the topic of this blog. She is a mixed media collage artist from Washington, D.C. and has loads of tips. Projects, including step by step instructions, are often shared.

20. Whip Up Knitting, crafting, collecting, recycling, and more are all the topics of crafts here. Projects for kids, beginning crafters, and even items for dads are all featured. There is also a related book and calendar.

21. Design Sponge Just as the title suggests, this blogger searches the web and absorbs crafts of interest to share on the blog. Sections include product guides, podcasts, DIY, and even a gift guide. A weekly breakdown of the best of the web and crafting is often shared.

22. A Little Hut This graphic designer from Houston, Texas is also a mom and crafter. Choose from tutorials, recycling projects, and even the basics. A recent entry was on handmade gift ideas.

23. iHanna’s Blog She finds the art, craft, and creativity in everyday life. Projects include mixed media, collages, and much more. The topic of the latest entry was on completed collages.

24. Vintage Indie This blog started out as a love for all things vintage. Gabreial Wyatt is an entrepreneur herself and has a passion to support independent small businesses and artists. Check out the blog for tips on photography, crafting, design, DIY, and much more.

Top Candle Sites

These websites have loads more to say on candles.

25. eHow Experts from across the globe come to this site to blog and share information on their area of expertise. Choose from tons of entries in home and garden, along with tips specifically for lighting and design. There are also over 600 entries currently on candles and candle holders.

26. Martha Stewart Crafts A leading lady in DIY crafting and much more, this site is full of ideas for candle lovers and crafters at every level. Choose from holidays and seasonal, crafts by technique, and even a Craft of the Day. Current popular choices include handmade gifts for her and holiday crafts for kids.

27. Oprah Home In addition to her talk show, Oprah also has a website full of ideas for home and garden and other items. Visit to get tips from her decorating pro’s. Be sure not to miss which candle made her Favorite Things list.

28. Candle Find Get just the candle related information at this site. Choose from candle reviews, editor’s picks, tips, and much more. People often come to post their candle reviews.

29. Wise Geek If you need an introduction to candles, click here. Wise Geek tells all on what scented candle are, along with many other common questions. You can also choose from many related topics.

30. Norfolk Candle Company Click here for more than just an online candle store. This blogger shares the “Encyclopedia of Candle Making Techniques” here. Choose from a history, accessories, candle care, and more.

31. HGTV Candles The Home and Garden Network has loads of shows on style and home décor. In this section, they discuss how candles can improve a home. Tips are on designs, light fixtures, outdoor, candles and much more.

32. Amazon Get more information on loads of candles before you buy here. In addition to having tons of offerings, products are often followed by reviews from customers. You can also narrow the search by color, brand, and even price.

33. Candle Crafts Making Friends is a site for kids that specializes in crafts just for them. Children of all ages and beginning crafters will appreciate the projects here. Simply click on everything from lanterns to flowers to table candles to begin.

34. Candle Crafts Whether you want candles for romantic ambience, healing aromatherapy, or a loving and personal homemade gift, these candle crafts can help. Simply click on a how-to to begin. There are also loads of other crafts on the site.

Top Candle DIY Blogs

Check out these blog entries and more on how to make your very own candles.

35. Making Scented Candles Love to Know is a site that specializes in in sharing loads of information on the web. In this section, they discuss how to make scented candles for those who have never done so before. There are also articles on making floating candles, fruit gel candles, and others.

36. How to Make Homemade Scented Candles How to do Things is another site where how-to’s on a variety of topics are shared. A step by step instructional on how to make candles is featured here. There are also many other related items.

37. How Does a Candle Work? If you need some help on the science of candles or have an inquisitive child, click here. Discovery shares the basics on how candles provide light using just wax. Wick, paraffin, and more are taught. The difference between fuel sources is also discussed.

38. How to Make a Birthday Candle Learn how to make a special candle for a special day. Rachel from Expert Village shows you how in this video series. Related videos contain other steps.

39. Candle Making Craft Bits is a site that specializes in teaching crafts. In this section, you can learn how to make your very own candles from aromatherapy to novelty. There are also tons of other craft projects to choose from.

40. DIY Candle Articles Base gives a simple guide on making a candle. Supplies needed include wax, oil, thermometer, and a few others. The site also offers related videos.

41. Candle Holders The couple at $2,000 Wedding is determined to stay within budget. Part of the plan is to make their own candle holders. Check out this blog entry to see how they did it.

42. Wine Glass Candle Lampshades Visit Casa Sugar to get more information on this project. It involves using a wine glass, candle, and lamp shade to make a neat little table decoration. A step by step guide is shared.

43. Hanging Candle Lanterns Lifehacker is a site where life, technology, and more gets hacked. In this simple guide, visitors are shown how to turn old jars into hanging candle lanterns. Which jars and tools to use are also shared.

44. DIY Candle on the Cheap Dollar Store Crafts specializes in sharing crafts that can be made with items from your local dollar store. In this entry, specialty apothecary jars are featured. A candle stick, jar, and glue are all that is needed.

Top Candle Videos

Because watching is easier than reading, check out these candle videos.

45. How to Make Scented Candles A candle maker and actress show you how to make candles in your very own home. Supplies, steps, and more are shared. You can also visit the site to order your own candles.

46. Making Candles and Casting Wax Martha Stewart and Kelly Ripa discuss candle making on her show. Together, they demonstrate how easy it is to make your own candles. The Martha way to make candles is featured in detail.

47. Recipe for a Soy Candle Matt Friedman is the proprietor of Blue Creek Candles. In this video, he shows a simple soy candle recipe in a few easy steps. A 16 ounce candle is the result.

48. Supplies and Tools Needed for Candlemaking Matt returns in another video on YouTube. He shares the basic supplies everyone needs to make candles. Wax, measuring tools, pots, and more are needed.

49. Candle Making. Dead Easy. Get just what this video promises by clicking. This expert shows how to make new candles from old ones. Skip all of the expensive equipment and use her simple method to make new candles.

50. Amazing Candle Trick Now that you have some, check out this video for an interesting use for your candles. Using a normal candle, nail, and two wine glasses, get any candle to do this trick. Be sure to watch until the end.

Remember to use care when working with candles or following any of the guides and advice found in the above top 50 candle blogs. Also, be sure and never leave a lit candle unattended.

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Top 50 Wedding Planner Blogs

Planning a wedding can be a huge undertaking, even if it’s a fairly small affair. If you’re planning your own wedding or planning it with the help of friends and family, there are endless options for everything from color combinations to flowers to cakes. Having a clear idea of what you want helps narrow your options, making it easier to make a quick (yet confident) decision and move on to the next planning task. These blogs will help you hone your personal wedding style and come up with a fabulous party no one will forget.

General Wedding Planning Blogs

Professional wedding planners and women planning their own shindig can benefit from these wedding blogs. For inspiration on menus, how to set up an open space venue and more, these blogs are a must-read.

1. Perfect Wedding Guide This wedding blog discusses every type of ceremony for many different budgets, so there’s a little something for everyone.

2. Masterpiece Weddings This ace wedding blog is the cream of the crop and the perfect starting place for those who aren’t sure what their wedding style should be.

3. My Wedding Blog This site will give you ideas for every size of wedding and even covers anniversary parties. It also has a section for finding local vendors for most major cities

4. The Bridal Party LLC This site belongs to a professional wedding planning company, so the weddings featured are gorgeous, dreamy affairs. They also keep you up-to-date with gown and invitation trends.

5. WedAlert This wedding blog updates numerous times per week and has great ideas for weddings of every style. It has detailed information on choosing favors, invites and everything else that makes a wedding memorable.

6. Wedding Planning Blog This blog has reviews of wedding planning notebooks and also has tips for anyone who’s having to give a speech on the big day. Planning ahead is key, but the posts have wise words on what to say when wishing newlyweds well.

7. 100 Layer CakeThe weddings featured on this blog will delight and inspire you. Remember it’s your day and there’s no set formula for what makes a wedding fantastic, so choose a style that represents you and your spouse-to-be.

8. BrideTide This site features tips for homemade wedding gowns and has plenty of seasonal tips for those getting married during the off-season.

9. In My Shoes This blog is penned by a pro wedding planner who features the various events she creates. This is a great blog for inspiration to get an idea of the different types of wedding styles out there.

10. Intimate Wedding This blog shows you how to add that personal spin on your wedding. Whether it’s through a party favor or choosing a memorable first song, there are plenty of ways to make your wedding stand out .

11. Our Blog of Love If you’re looking for some serious wedding eye candy, this blog is fabulous because it’s written by professional photographers who travel the world taking pictures of, you guessed it, weddings.

12. Ritzy Bee The gals at this blog plan events, primarily weddings, and are always anxious to share tidbits with readers on how to plan a perfect party.

13. The Vegas Wedding PlannerThinking of going to Sin City for your big day? This site shares information on where to find the best of everything for those who are taking the time to plan tying the knot in the desert.

14. Southern Weddings Magazine Want a little Southern twang for your big day? This site will show you how to add that personal flair in an elegant way.

15. Snippet and Ink This blog is packed with inspiration for the bride who wants to sift through ideas that are timeless and modern at the same time.

Destination Wedding Blogs and Articles

If you’re leaving on a jet plane to tie the knot, these wedding blogs provide a rundown of what you can expect and what to plan for before you arrive in paradise.

16. Caribbean Journey This destination wedding planner shares her tricks of the trade and has lots of inspiration for the bride who loves the beach.

17. Destination Wedding Blog This site no longer publishes, but it has plenty of archived posts to go through if you aren’t sure what type of destination wedding you want to have. Think beyond the beach to places like India or Prague.

18. Destination Wedding Magazine This site doesn’t update often, but has loads of destination wedding inspiration. It delves into places like Ireland and Rome for the ultimate romantic wedding.

19. Destination Weddings Blog This site reviews various venues throughout the Caribbean for destination weddings and has links for finding photographers and planners while away from home.

20. Ultimate Destination Weddings This site helps you take care of lots of the planning for a destination wedding, including an explanation on what paperwork and legal forms you need to ensure your wedded bliss is acknowledge once you’re back on home soil.

21. Love Notes Destination Wedding Blog This destination wedding blog will keep you in the loop for all of the hottest wedding trends and how they’re translating for a wedding planned from abroad.

22. Weddings in Vieques This blog is penned by a bride-turned-wedding planner and discusses weddings on Vieques, off the coast of Puerto Rico. We love it because it shows that most weddings will have a hiccup or two, but it’s usually nothing that has to ruin the special day .

23. Nora’s Wedding blog This international wedding planner has fresh ideas for wedding photography, making her blog a must-read for the destination bride who wants more than the typical photos to remember the big day.

24. Your Wedding Abroad This site has a checklist for everything a couple should have before getting on the plane and heading out to say I do. It even has a rundown of what men should consider when getting married at a destination place.

25. Simple Weddings Blog This site is full of ideas from professional wedding planners who focus on Florida for destination brides who love the beach. We love the section over choosing a photographer who is on your wavelength in terms of what you want to capture from the wedding.

26. Destination I Do Magazine Blog The editors of I Do magazine bring you this fantastic destination blog for finding out everything you need to know about committing to your significant other while in Bali or France.

27. Beach Theme Wedding Ideas This blog shows you how to have a stylish wedding in the sand. After all, it’s tough to figure out how many tents to have or what flowers to choose from when you’re thousands of miles away from your wedding destintation.

28. Beach Wedding Guide This site has ideas and inspiration for the destination wedding bride’s dress, hairstyle, party favors and more.

29. Beach Wedding Blog This wedding blog shows you the best of what’s out there in terms of destination weddings and covers beaches in Australia and the Maldives, as well as Florida.

DIY Wedding Blogs

Thanks to the Internet, DIY brides can share and explore ideas with the click of a button. These are the best blogs for finding quirky DIY favors and wedding planning tips.

30. Ruffled This wedding blog is aimed at the DIY bride who has an affinity for vintage-style goods. There’s an endless amount of inspiration from unique weddings that take place outdoors during nearly every type of weather.

31. My DIY Wedding Day Centerpieces, invitations and menus are covered at this wedding DIY blog. The ideas are modern and elegant and never look cheesy.

32. DIY Bride This blog posts steals and deals for the DIY bride who is sourcing some of her wedding items from online vendors and how to arrange flowers yourself.

33. iDIY This DIY wedding blog has lovely craft ideas that will suit the rustic wedding perfectly. There are stencils and templates available too .

34. CraftStylish – The DIY Wedding From a wedding dress to corsages, this site will walk you through various projects you can do yourself for your wedding. While some may be difficult (like say, a wedding dress), there are smaller projects that can be pulled off by you and your bridesmaids with ease.

35. DIY Wedding GirlThis site no longer publishes, but it’s a great resource for DIY brides looking for a little creative inspiration, especially in the invitation department. If you’re doing it yourself, the options can seem overwhelming.

36. Off Beat Bride While this site doesn’t exclusively blog DIY content, the bride who craves things with a unique edge often takes matters into her own hands, resulting in a slue of projects that will get you inspired for your wedding.

37. Bride Craft Do-It-Yourself Wedding Blog If you aren’t the craftiest gal, but still want to contribute to your wedding, this is the site to check out. There are tutorials on everything from building an arch to creating a pillow for your ring bearer.

38. Para Ti Novia This site will help you figure out what colors you want to go with and how to implement them with DIY techniques that will keep your wedding chic and on budget.

39. Do-It-Yourself Wedding Guide At this site, readers share DIY wedding projects with each other and learn how to make their own playlist for the reception and print invitations that will wow guests.

Frugal Wedding Blogs

Brides on a budget will want to check out these blogs for wallet-friendly tips that won’t drain your wallet as you plan the happiest day of your life.

40. My Ten Thousand Wedding These days, 10K is considered small potatoes when it comes to throwing a wedding. This site is written by a woman who got married in 2010 with a budget of ten thousand dollars. See how she did it at this blog.

41. San Diego Budget BrideThis wedding blogger can teach almost anyone how to plan a wedding (and the events leading up to it) on a budget that won’t break the bank.

42. The Broke Ass Bride This bride is all about spending money where it counts and not overspending on areas that don’t matter. It’s a great read for the newbie bride-to-be who things a fabulous party can’t happen if you have a budget.

43. Bride on a Shoe String This wedding blog focuses on getting the most bang for your buck. The blogger teaches you how to make smart selections with your limited budget.

44. Craft My Bride This blog is all about crafting your way through your wedding favors and invitations, so you aren’t blowing all of your funds on the big day.

45. The Budget Savvy Bride This site has lots of ideas for the bride who’s working with a budget, including lists of blogs to visit and places to check out when looking for wedding supplies.

46. Bride on a Budget Whether it’s menu items or the bouquet, this blog shows that you can pull off many of these things yourself and still have money leftover.

47. The Budget Bride’s Handbook For the bride who wants to channel her inner fashionista, this site has splurge versus steal sections for shoes, gowns and even bridesmaids dresses.

48. A Bride on a Budget This budget bride creates videos posted on her blog that will give you a feel for her fun-loving personality and make you feel like you’re chatting about planning a wedding on a budget with a close friend.

49. Bargain Bridezilla If you want to narrow down budget-friendly dresses or makeup, this is your site. There’s also an extensive section over DIY hairstyles you can practice before the big day.

50. 12K Wedding This bride is planning her big day on a 12K budget, which means scouring sites and retailers to find the best deals. This bride will make you excited about scoring big while spending less.

Planning a wedding includes a lot of elements and details, so the earlier you start, the better. Have a notebook to jot down appointments and keep track of money owed to vendors (and the dates) to stay organized and keep planning for the big day a low stress task.

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13 Creative Ways to Save Energy in the Winter

The winter brings cold, short days, which means we use more energy. Whether it’s your holiday decorations or saving energy while you’re away from the house, here are a few creative ways that will save energy in the winter.

1. Go solar with your outdoor holiday decorations. Even big box stores like Sam’s and Cost-Co sell solar-powered outdoor Christmas decorations. All you have to do is set them up outside in the yard like you would any other outdoor decor and let the sun do the rest. Sure the light from them aren’t as vivid as electric decorations, but it achieves a very similar effect without cutting into your utility bill.

2. Get comfortable with DIY. You can add a thermal layer to windows yourself. Clear film is sold at any hardware store. If you aren’t sure how to do it, ask a sales associate for a quick overview or get online and pull up a video on YouTube. It’s easier than it looks (and it looks pretty darn easy) and results in a warmer home during the cold winter months because it blocks even the teeniest open cracks in a window.

3. Make use of the sun. The sun can bring a tremendous amount of warmth into a home, especially on the South end of the house or apartment. Opt for sheer drapes that the sun’s beams can easily get through or let in light by opening drapes and allowing the warm sun to fill your space.

4. Crank down the water heater. Cold nights make us crave hot baths and showers that last longer than usual. You can lower the temperature of your water heater, which is hardly noticeable for most families. Ultimately you use less energy and will be satisfied with a warm bath or shower versus a scorching hot one (which contributes to dry skin during cold winter months).

5. Use a weather strip for the bottom of doors. For the door that leads to the garage or the front door, check out weather strips to combat the draft that comes in. They are easy to apply to the bottom of doors and can significantly reduce the amount of cold air that comes in, especially in small spaces like an apartment.

6. Switch your light bulbs. The days are shorter in the winter, which means we spend more time with the lights on. To reduce energy, switch all of the lights you regularly use to light bulbs with an Energy Star rating. You may spend a little more on them initially, but they’ll last far longer and cost less to use. Nowadays there are numerous styles of compact fluorescent light bulbs for any light fixture in your home, so don’t worry about a bulb not fitting or looking awkward in a fixture.

7. Have a timer for holiday decorations and outdoor lights. Because it gets dark so early, many homes have outdoor lights to light the driveway or porch. Have these lights on timers. You can purchase and install movement sensitive timers that will kick on when the car pulls in to the drive way or the kids walk out onto the porch. It’s worth doing because it prevents the lights from staying on all night and also ensures the areas are lit when it matters most. Do the same with holiday decorations like outdoor Christmas lights are powered by electricity.

8. Install a thermostat you can program. This allows you to set timers for the temperature in your house. In the day when everyone is gone the house can stay cool and when just before it’s time for the kids to get home, you can set the heat to kick up a notch for a toasty welcome. You can also remember to lower the thermostat manually when you leave each day, but a programmable thermostat is easier to keep up with.

9. Go LED with your Christmas lights. For holiday lights that are powered by conventional means, go with LED lights. They use a whopping 90% less energy than traditional Christmas lights and are just as festive. They can be purchased almost anywhere that regular Christmas lights are sold, but for the biggest selection hit up a chain hardware store. They tend to have the most to choose from and are pushing LED lights in a big way this season.

10. Turn the heat down when you’re partying. If you’re hosting holiday parties and are accustomed to having a large number of people in your house, you know that more bodies means more heat. There’s no reason to have the house the regular temperature when you have a dozen extra people there. Turn the heat down so everyone is comfortable and also so you save energy and money.

11. Opt for rechargeable batteries for toys. When your kid gets a toy that calls for batteries, go for a set of rechargeable batteries versus buying a cheap set that will burn out quickly and need to be recycled. Not all recycling centers are equipped for batteries which makes it tricky to get the job done and you don’t want your old batteries to end up in a landfill. You may think it’s just a few, but take the number of batteries your children’s toys go through a year and multiply that by the number of kids who have too much to play with in the U.S. Yep, that’s a lot of batteries in the junk yard.

12. Bake in batches. Why cook one cake at a time if you’ll only cook another in a few days? Your oven takes the same amount of energy to cook one baked good as it does an entire batch, so maximize your time and energy by baking in batches. Baked goods freeze well and can be defrosted a few hours before you want to consume them. Do the same when you’re heating food up. There’s no reason your veggies and meat can’t be warmed at the same time.

13. Unplug phantom electronics when heading out of town for the holidays. What are phantom products? These are the items that eat up energy even when they aren’t being used. This includes DVD players, chargers, printers and TVs. Add it to your checklist of things to do before leaving the house for a number of days to spend the holidays elsewhere.

It’s easy to save energy in the winter when you look around the house and see all the areas you’re probably wasting it. Remember to make everyone who lives in your house aware of the actions you’re taking to cut down on energy costs and conserve energy. Even your teenagers just might be listening, causing them to be more aware of their energy consumption throughout the entire year.

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